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Audio Implements / GKC, LLC

Audio Implements/GKC, LLC manufactures and distributes earpieces, listening devices and amplifiers for the television and security industries. In 1967 we invented the IFB earpiece used by all major television networks today around the world.


Tube seperation repair option

Dear customers,

A couple years ago we decided to upgrade the quality of our tubing. Unfortunately we have run into some issues with the tubing staying attached to the plastic adapters we use. We truly are sorry for any inconvenience you may have experienced. If you would like to fix the issue on your own. Here is the brand of glue & primer that should work. A small toothpick works well for priming the inside of the tube end. Do not put the glue in the tube because it will plug the tube. Just put the glue on the adapter.

You must use the primer on both surfaces 1st for the glue to work properly.

We can also exchange the tube assembly for you. Tube assemblies purchased after 1/25/24 will not have any issues.

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"NEW" 201-M for cell phone with BLUETOOTH connection monitoring or 2-way communiction

Ear Piece Insertion Video Tutorial

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